There are more than 2 symptoms in 7 cases, the cerebral infarction should be attacked, 1 thing soaks in water, far from the cerebral infarction


There are more than 2 symptoms in 7 cases, the cerebral infarction should be “attacked”, 1 thing soaks in water, far from the cerebral infarction

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The number of cerebral infarctions that have appeared in our lives has not been twice, and the reason why this disease has been loved is because there are more people infected with this disease.

Experts say that for cerebral infarction, what we ordinary people should master is its pre-onset symptoms.

Let’s take a look at it.

Symptoms before the onset of cerebral infarction, suddenly appear black in front of the eyes, can not see the object, return to normal in a few seconds or minutes, neither nausea, dizziness, or any disturbance of consciousness.

This is caused by a transient fracture of the retina, suggesting a hemodynamic change in the skull or a temporary retinal artery with a tiny thrombus, which is the initial warning signal for cerebrovascular disease.

2, nausea or vomiting or acute reversal, or elevated blood pressure accompanied by dizziness or tinnitus, unexplained repeated nasal bleeding, often a recent threat of high blood cerebral palsy.

3, dizziness, headache suddenly aggravated or caused by intermittent headaches and persistent headaches.

It is generally believed that headache and dizziness are mostly a precursor to hypertensive cerebral infarction, while headache and headache are accompanied by nausea and vomiting is mostly a precursor to hemorrhagic cerebral infarction.

4, sleepiness and lethargy, manifested as yawning, especially in the respiratory center of hypoxia.

Exceeding the increase of cerebral arteriosclerosis, the arterial lumen is getting narrower and narrower, and the cerebral blood vessels are seriously deteriorating. About 80% of people frequently yawn 5 to 10 days before the onset of scale cerebral infarction, so don’t ignore this important.Alarm signal.

5, abnormal trunk body, such as paroxysmal unilateral limb numbness or weakness, hand-held objects lost, unexplained fainting or falling, unilateral sputum, duration of less than 24 hours.

Follow-up observation, after such a phenomenon occurs 3?
In 5 years, about half of the people developed dilated cerebral infarction.

6, transient visual impairment, manifested as blurred vision, or visual field defects, seeing things incomplete, this phenomenon self-recovery within an hour, is an early warning signal of cerebral infarction.

7, language and spiritual changes, refers to the most difficult, lost words, writing difficulties; sudden changes in personality, silence, indifferent or impetuous multi-lingual, irritability, or short-term judgment or mental retardation, lethargy.

Since we have a cerebral infarction, we should do a good job in nursing, such as paying more attention to rest, doing some exercise properly, etc., which are all conducive to the improvement.

In addition, patients with cerebral infarction must adhere to medication treatment. They must not take care of themselves and patience for a long time. While taking drugs, they should also adopt some effective therapeutic methods to achieve better results.Prevention and conditioning.

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