[Effects and effects of Osmanthus brown sugar]_ Osmanthus brown sugar_Benefits_Reflection

[Effects and effects of Osmanthus brown sugar]_ Osmanthus brown sugar_Benefits_Reflection

Osmanthus brown sugar has a certain effect. In addition to brown sugar, it is pure and natural. If brown sugar made after osmanthus is added, it tastes good and has a high nutritional value. Generally it is mainly for regulating menstruation in women, and for warming the stomach and stabilizing liver.It has a very high effect, so if you have a decrease in qi and blood, you can improve it by eating osmanthus brown sugar.


Evergreen tree, high 3?
15m, branches gray.

Leaves opposite, leathery, oblong, 6?
12cm, width 2?

5cm, entire edge.

Flowers clustered in leaf axils, flowers yellowish white, 4-lobed.

Drupe oval, purple-black when ripe.

Flower aroma, extracting aromatic oil, making osmanthus extract, can be used in food, cosmetics, pastry, candy, and used for wine making.

Also ornamental plants.

Sweet-scented osmanthus can be used as medicine.

[Related herbs]Green-backed Osmanthus fragrans Osmanthus fragrans Osmanthus fragrans Osmanthus dew Osmanthus fragrans.

[Medicinal Ingredients]Contains palmitic acid, lauric acid, myristic acid, laurel alcohol, phyllene, linalool and ionone and other aromatic substances and hydrocarbons.

Fruit: Xin, Gan, Wen.

Root: sweet, slightly astringent, flat.

[Indications]Flowers: Disperse cold and break knots, relieve phlegm and relieve cough.

For toothache, cough, phlegm, and abdominal pain.

Fruit: warm stomach, flat liver, and cold.

For Deficiency Cold Stomach Pain.

Roots: Dispel rheumatism and dispel cold.

For rheumatic bones and pains, low back pain, kidney deficiency and toothache.

[Dosage and dosage]spend 1?
4 money.

Fruit 2?
4 money.

Root 2?
3 two.

[Remarks](1) There are two other variants of golden wood rhinoceros and pale yellow rhinoceros.[Excerpt]Practical compendium of “National Compendium of Chinese Herbal Medicine” Suitable for matching: Osmanthus brewing Suitable for matching: mint, osteol, rose, jasmine, calendulaFlowers etc.

Soaking method: soaking and drinking of osmanthus: 3 grams of osmanthus, 5 grams of green tea, boiling water.