How does traditional Chinese medicine fire moxibustion treat diseases?

How does traditional Chinese medicine fire moxibustion treat diseases?

Fire therapy has obvious national characteristics, is a wonderful work in world medicine, and is recommended by people from all over the world.

For example, “Lingshu · Capacitance” has a record of “doing what the needle does not do, what moxibustion does”.

The “Bian Kui Xin Fa” states: “When people are not sick, they often moxibustion Guan Yuan, Qi Hai, Ming Men, Zhong Zhong. Although they have not had a long life, they can still live for more than 100 years.”

The unique role of fire therapy has not only been confirmed by a large number of clinics, but it has also been further developed.

At the same time, the mechanism of fire therapy has been extensively and systematically discussed.

  Menstruation fire therapy is a new type of health and fitness project based on traditional Chinese medicine “fire therapy” combined with advanced western techniques; the use of biotechnology, nanotechnology, percutaneous substitution, and replacement of precious traditional Chinese medicine.

There are more than 300 indications for traditional fire therapy. Jingjing fire therapy technology has selected some of them that have significant curative effects, are highly targeted, and have alternative operations for development and research. They are mainly suitable for: cervical spondylosis, periarthritis, lumbarStrains, arthritis, stomach pain, abdominal pain, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea; waist and knee weakness due to kidney deficiency, insomnia, night sweats, night sweats, etc. The traditional method of menstrual fire therapy technology is more targeted and the process is moreRelaxed, generally effective, significantly more permeable, without any side effects.

Therefore, the establishment of the menstrual fire therapy has attracted much attention and recognition from people from all walks of life.

  Fire therapy is a new method to achieve weight loss through body-burning fires, local body shaping, body five-element healing, strengthening internal organs, and curing diseases.

Its masseurs use point, push, knead, rotate, pull and other technical actions combined with medicated fire therapy to accelerate blood circulation in the body, increase body metabolism, allow unfortunately effective transformation, decomposition, and enhance the role of internal organs.

The project includes nourishing kidney fire therapy, stomach stomach fire therapy, ovarian maintenance fire therapy, open back fire therapy, hand and foot fire therapy and other projects.

  The effects of fire therapy: weight loss, expelling colds, relieving fatigue, relieves soreness on the waist, scapulitis, spondylitis, dizziness, brain swelling, insomnia, kidney deficiency, kidney deficiency, stomach cold, bloating, detoxification, rheumatismPain, dysmenorrhea, palace cold, palace cold and other symptoms are very effective.

Treated with illness, without illness and strengthening.

  Facing the change of the disease spectrum in the 21st century, the rapid increase of sub-health populations and the increase of awareness of self-prevention and health care, the search for a method that is reliable, easy to apply, and safe to use, and which is replaced by methods is gradually attracting people’s attention.
  Related sub-health solutions: Yin deficiency and night sweats at night, drink cold drinks (yin deficiency and fire), Yang deficiency night sweats (drink hot drinks) at night (yin qi is too strong, yang does not enter) Insomnia (① Heart and kidney discomfort, insufficient kidney essence) Insomnia (② lack of blood) Insomnia (③ stomach discomfort and restlessness) Dreaming (disturbed by fire and air transport) Delayed sleep still feels inadequate, fatigued, dreaming more (insufficient gas in camp)