Inventory: 6 types of activities are not suitable for young children

Inventory: 6 types of activities are not suitable for young children


Tug of war.

  From a physiological point of view, the heart of a young child is developing. When the limb load increases, the heart rate is mainly increased to increase the blood supply.

Therefore, the heart is prone to fatigue and cannot afford to fight against such a large force as tug-of-war.

Some medical workers have performed physical examinations on 250 children aged 5 to 6 years old in the tug of war and found that the heart rate is high. 30% of the children’s heart rate returned to normal 1 hour after the game.


muscle training.

  In the process of human growth and development, height precedes weight gain. Children grow taller first, then grow longer, and have discrete muscle distribution. They contain few proteins and inorganic salts, are weak, and are prone to fatigue.



  Although the intraocular pressure adjustment function of young children, if the handstand is often performed or the time of each handstand is too long, the adjustment of the eye pressure by the eye will be impaired.


Playing scooter.

  Children under the age of 8 are in a critical period of development. If they play scooters for a long time, they will have excessive distribution of leg muscles, which will affect the overall development of the body and even affect their height.


Arm Wrestling.

  The joint capsules of children’s limbs are loose and weak, and the bones have not been fully ossified, which can easily cause limb deformation under the influence of various external factors.

In addition, belching is an inevitable phenomenon when wrenching the wrist. Over time, it will affect the normal development of children’s heart function.


Rabbit jumping.

  When doing rabbit jumping, the weight of the human body is equal to three times their own weight. The impact force of each fracture of the bone is equivalent to the increase of their own weight. This is very important for children who have not completed the ossification processEasy to cause ligament and knee meniscus injury.

  Some childcare experts believe that, in light of the physical development characteristics of children, parents can let their children perform sports such as rope skipping, bouncing, rubber band jumping, small ball shooting, small football, small basketball, swimming, etc.Height without harming the body.