Heavenly blessing, health and green city


Heavenly blessing, health and green city

Wuzhi Mountain is the jadeite that is set on the green wave. It is as precious as it is.

Wuzhi Mountain is the backbone of Hainan Island. It is as strong as it is.

She never forgot her own mission. She wants to be the “green lung” of the land of Qiongdao. With her broad mind and enthusiasm, she breathes the aura of heaven and earth.

She wants to develop, but she has not lost his “green soul”. She shoulders her mission and is moving towards a more beautiful tomorrow with firm steps.

In the warm winter and cool summer, the Emerald Mountain City is 18掳 north latitude. In this magical latitude, there is a 鈥淓merald Mountain City鈥?鈥?Wuzhishan City, Hainan Province.

The original ecological environment and humanistic customs, as well as the Wuzhi Mountain, which has been extended by the ancient culture of the ocean, has been recognized by the world.

The 1,128-square-kilometer land nourishes the lovely spirit that never dies in the ages.

Seventy thousand five-finger mountain Limiao children and children in the Wuzhishan care to recuperate.

Every year on March 3rd of the lunar calendar, young men and women of the Li nationality Miao nationality gather together to participate in the “March 3” event, singing and dancing, and there is endless fun, so there are also “jumping bamboo rafts”, Miao nationality bullfighting, etc., Wuzhishan thus lingers a unique national culture atmosphere.

Hainan Green Lung Natural Oxygen Bar Wuzhishan has the highest peak of Hainan and the vast forest of 1.37 million mu, which has made her open-minded and outstanding.

Because of this, Wuzhishan has subverted the hot summer and cold winter. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, with an average temperature of 22.

4 degrees.

Here, the air has a negative oxygen ion content of more than 10,000 per cubic centimeter, and the forest coverage rate is 86%. It is a pure natural oxygen bar, and enjoys the reputation of 鈥渘atural air conditioning鈥? 鈥淪outhern Summer Palace鈥?and 鈥淗ainan Green Lung鈥?

The beautiful scenery of the winter leaves, the beautiful pastoral scenery, the beautiful clouds all year round, and the colorful landscape gardens make Wuzhishan more unique and unparalleled.

Wuzhishan butterfly ecological pasture, everywhere flowers are fragrant, bees fly butterflies dance.

Visitors drift in Wuzhishan, experience the joy of the earth, the passion of life, and experience the feelings of 鈥渢he mountains and the waters are full of doubts, and the villages of the dark and the flowers鈥?

At the far end, Wuzhishan City has been replaced by the provincial government budget 鈥減rovincial garden city鈥?and 鈥減rovincial health city鈥?for four consecutive times as the 鈥淣ational Double Support Model City鈥?

Birds choose good wood and live, Wuzhishan City is relying on its unique positioning to attract a large number of “migrant birds” old people who buy homes in their later years.

Look at the vines and entangled, sit and listen to the birds, and hear the water flowing, not happy?

In the hinterland of Central and South China, in 1952, the capital of Hainan Li and Miao Autonomous Prefecture moved to Tongshi. Until the autonomous state was abolished in 1987, Wuzhishan was the political, economic and cultural center of Qiongnan.

Wuzhi Mountain is the central city and transportation hub of the central part of Hainan Island. It is 223 kilometers north of Haikou City and 65 kilometers south of Sanya City.

Now, after a long sleep, it wakes up like a dragon and wants to take off again.

With the development of the international tourism island construction in the province, Wuzhishan City attaches great importance to the development of infrastructure and tourism, and promotes the development strategy of 鈥淭ropical Rainforest Health Holiday Tourism City鈥? focusing on building the 鈥淯rban-South Sheng-Shui Man鈥?tourism route andMaogui Qiongya Revolutionary Baseland Memorial Park red tourism route, etc., actively develop high-end health tourism real estate, domestic large and medium-sized enterprises have settled in Wuzhishan, such as the Wuzhishan Revolutionary Base Memorial Park, Hua Dance, Lisong Cultural Park and other provincial key projects relocation and use. TourismThe industry has achieved leap-forward growth and presented a new posture of vigorous development.

The white clouds are long and the mountain songs are faint.

Wuzhishan is coming out of Hainan with a generous and confident attitude, going to the whole country and even the world.