Magic of Chinese Medicine: Xingqi Analgesic Yanhusuo

Magic of Chinese Medicine: Xingqi Analgesic Yanhusuo

In the Chinese medicine family, herbal medicine (wild plant medicine) accounts for almost the majority.

Herbs collection pays attention to seasons and methods, and mastering the seasons and methods of collecting herbs can improve the efficacy of the medicine.

Or, for example, the roots and tubers of medicinal plants should be dug before the ground seedlings wither or germinate. Premature water is insufficient, loose bubbles are visible, and the accumulation of active ingredients is insufficient. It is not easy to find them too late.

Yanhusuo is a good example. This plant sprouts in early spring and does not arrive in summer. The above-ground part will wither and must be mined to obtain its medicinal parts when the stems and leaves turn yellow. Therefore, “March Yanhu Fourth”The moon and the sky, Yanhu disappeared in May.” This fully demonstrates the importance of the season.

  Yanhusuo, also known as Yanhu, Yuanhu or Xuanhu, is more than 20 cm tall, leaves are like chicken feet, have pink flowers, and have bulbous tubers underground.

Tuber medicine can not only promote blood circulation and stasis, but also Qi.

Traditional Chinese medicine says that “qi is the commander of blood, and qi is the blood, and the path is the pass, but the general is not painful.” Therefore, Yan Husuo is a rare analgesic, which can cause various pains caused by qi and blood stagnation., Uterine fibroids, postpartum stasis, and bruises are used for pain healing. Its effectiveness is broad and its shortcuts are incomparable with other blood-activating drugs.

In the clinic, it is compatible with fennel and so on, and is suitable for kidney qi pain; it is compatible with angelica, white peony, zedoary turmeric, and wood fragrant to treat dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea; it is compatible with angelica, guizhi, red peony and other blood for limbs or body bloodResidual pain; Compatibility with Chuanxiong, Frankincense, Myrrh, etc. for bruises.

  Analgesic granules, analgesic tablets and capsules made with Yanhusuo as the main ingredient have significant analgesic effects, long-lasting efficacy, low toxicity, and convenient taking. They can be used for stomach pain, rib pain, headache and menstrual pain caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis.Wait.
In the middle of the 20th century, Chinese scientists successfully isolated Yanhusuomin B from Yanhusuo. Its analgesic effect was stronger than that of antipyretics and analgesics, and it did not have the addictiveness of analgesics such as Du Lingding. Oral absorptionGood, suitable for severe pain caused by medical diseases, such as headache, menstrual pain and labor pain.

At the same time of analgesia, it has little effect on uterine activity, labor, and hypertensive breathing.

In addition, it can also calm and hypnotize, can be used for insomnia, and there is no dizziness, dizziness and other discomfort after taking it.

The successful development of Yanhusuo B has produced great repercussions in the international medical community and has been hailed as “a rare example of the systematic study of the chemical composition of traditional Chinese medicine”, which has accumulated valuable experience for the scientific interpretation of the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine.