[Do not use ginseng up to 8 women]_Ginseng_Girls_Attention

[Do not use ginseng up to 8 women]_Ginseng_Girls_Attention

Ginseng is a type of medicinal material in TCM that significantly improves people’s physical weakness. Therefore, TCM strongly advocates the role of ginseng.

Ginseng is also a medicinal material that people often eat, which has many benefits to people’s health, but some women are not suitable for consumption. Let’s take a look at 8 types of ginseng supplements for women.

1. People with strong allergies should not take rash if they develop rash after taking ginseng.

Do not take if you have purulent inflammation.

2. Hypertensive patients are likely to cause cerebrovascular accidents after serving. However, ginseng can be used for hypertensive patients with cold. However, the dosage should be small. When the systolic blood pressure is> 180mmHg, it is not suitable for any type of patient.Take ginseng.

3. It is not advisable to drink tea when eating ginseng. The two foods that eat radish have the effect of energizing, while ginseng replenishes vitality, and after the tonic is eliminated, its effect is equivalent to eating in vain.

4. It is generally not suitable to take ginseng drops for fever when having a cold. Taking ginseng will increase blood circulation and make palpitations even worse.

5. Asthma due to sudden discouragement or throat dryness due to dryness, vomiting caused by impulse, rhinitis and other diseases should not use ginseng.

6. Swelling caused by damp-heat stagnation is even worse after taking ginseng.

This is because ginseng has an anti-diuretic effect.

In addition, renal insufficiency with oliguria is also used with caution.

7, insomnia, irritability are empirical people should not take ginseng, otherwise sleep worse.

8. Anyone who is full of vitality, hot, and has a smooth pulse is strong, and those who do not have regular bowel movements and are really hot should not take ginseng.

Different types of ginseng have different mechanisms of action.

First of all, American ginseng is cold in nature and is generally used for heat syndromes such as increased blood pressure and constipation.

The ginseng is warm and suitable for cold syndrome.

Among them, the sun-dried ginseng is a tonic and is mainly used for the signs and symptoms of deficiency of qi and yin.