Women’s winter skin care 6 coups to brighten your skin


Women’s winter skin care 6 coups to brighten your skin

Method 1: Preventing sun exposure to the winter, it is often easy for someone to ignore the existence of ultraviolet light, so this period is more susceptible to sun exposure.

In the summer, in order to prevent UV intrusion, the skin becomes thicker and thinner in autumn and winter. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to ultraviolet rays. It is also best to apply sunscreen cream as in summer.

At the same time, special care must be taken not to expose the skin to UV light for extended periods of time.

The reason why the sunburn in winter is not easy to subside is because it is different from autumn and summer, the weather in winter turns cold, and the metabolism of the skin begins to decline.

Method 2: It is not advisable to bathe too many times in winter.

Windy in winter, and due to the alternating cold air activity, there is often a strong windy weather every few days, and the air is dry.

In this climatic condition, people exposed to the skin are prone to the feeling of tight bandages, lack of elasticity, and even skin.

This is due to the accelerated evaporation of skin moisture and the moisture content of the stratum corneum of the skin.

If you take too much bath, it will wash off the protective oil on the body surface, and the skin will be easier to dry.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do not leave the bath at intervals of two days, and apply a moisturizer after washing.

Use less soap when bathing, apply skin cream on your limbs and back after washing.

Method 3: After the oil is washed away and the winter is gradually deepened, the secretion of sebum and sweat, which is more active, will gradually decrease, and the skin will be easier to dry.

People who have been using lotions of acidic oxidants can now switch to acidic or neutral lotions, and the amount of lotion and moisturizing lotion should be increased to give the epidermis a larger amount of water.

For dry skin and people with limited age, the period when the skin feels dry will come earlier, so as long as the skin feels like a cool breeze, you should use the cream as soon as possible to replenish the oil needed for the skin.

Method 4: Take care of the hand when using hand cream. It is best to cooperate with other protection methods. For example, when doing housework and other labor, it is best to wear outer rubber and inner cotton gloves to protect hands from corrosion.
Method 5: When it comes to winter skin care, first of all, pay attention to the cleanliness of the skin.

It is best to clean once a week.

Before cleaning, use hot water in the washbasin, steam the noodles for a few minutes. After the pores are opened, apply evenly on the face with a cleansing cream, substitute, and massage properly.

Then wash off the cleansing cream, dry it, and apply a moisturizing cream.

Especially for office workers, central air conditioning is eight hours a day, the temperature is relatively constant, usually need to be light makeup, makeup time adjustment, work arrangement, system skin maintenance time is less, so the focus outside the cleaning is massage, hydration, thoroughly remove makeup.
For outdoor activities, you can choose to use some oil control products, shrink pores and cleansing products, and do some anti-aging maintenance.

Method 6: Prevent liver spots In the winter, you must properly maintain the skin damaged by exposure to summer exposure.

As long as you are well-maintained, you can not only avoid leaving liver spots, but also prevent liver spots.

Regular massage and face are the way to prevent liver spots.

In the diet, cereals, fruits, seaweed, small fish, milk, and especially calcium and minerals should not be eaten every day.

They inhibit skin irritation and have the effect of whitening the skin.