Five taboos for foreign company interviews

Five taboos for foreign company interviews

Being late and missing appointments and keeping promises in people’s daily life has become a minimum of politeness. Being late, losing appointments is a taboo in foreign company interviews.

  This will not only show that the job applicant has no sense of time and sense of responsibility, but also that the interviewer feels that you are not enthusiastic about the job, which will greatly reduce your first impression.

  Interviewers remind job seekers that it is best to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the interview or arrive on time.

If you are late or absent due to something important, be sure to call the company as soon as possible and make an appointment for another interview.

  Many people who change jobs face the problem of the employer “why do you want to leave the original company?”, They often count the original employer. Sometimes the salary is too low.The reasons for the job change were all pushed to the fault of the original unit, and they strongly praised how good the new employer was to win the favor of the interviewer.

  In fact, in the eyes of the interviewer, such job seekers will only greet each other and do not find their own reasons, such people must not work seriously.

More importantly, even if it is the other party’s fault, and blindly shirk one’s responsibilities, and count others, it will only make the interviewer feel that you are revengeful, do not read the old feelings and do not know how to get along with people, but it will even cause the interviewer to resent.
  Infiltration of water lies in the relatively better working environment and salary replacement of foreign companies. Naturally there are too many job seekers. In order to distinguish themselves from the competition, many people have used Wei Xiaobao’s lie-fake skills to forge their career history.Take credit for what is not yours.

  The original job seekers overlooked a very important fact that as a multinational company, integrity is the minimum requirement for being a person. No employer will hire people who have no integrity and lie at any time as their employees.

Even if you can get confused at the interview scene, once the lies are revealed, your good days are over.

Therefore, you must tell the truth during the interview, not out of nothing.

  Long story short In general, everyone’s interview time will not be too long.

Therefore, job seekers will find ways to show more of their talents at the scheduled time.

But job seekers must keep in mind an old Chinese saying when they sell themselves-too much will be lost.

  The purpose of the interview is to understand the abilities that are not reflected in your resume. The purpose of the interviewer is very clear. Therefore, you should not keep talking and chattering when promoting yourself.

Otherwise, the interviewer will feel that you are not good at grasping the point of the question, and the ability to summarize is too poor.

But do n’t miss the opportunity to show yourself. Some job seekers have only one or two sentences to answer the question because they are worried about not being able to control their mouths. They even answer “yes” and “no”.Be comfortable talking.

  Lack of goals Foreign companies attach great importance to employees’ own career planning. If you have too many job search goals and this position is not suitable and you want to work in that position, this will leave the interviewer with the impression of no clear career goals.

Although some job seekers have other good conditions, lack of career goals will lead to initiative and creativity, which will bring losses to the enterprise.

The interviewer would rather hire a job seeker who is less successful in all aspects, but has career goals and enthusiasm!