Exercise may not be healthy

Exercise may not be healthy

Most of the country has entered the coldest stage. Those who hold “life is in motion” should adapt to the time and choose the mode of movement for people.

Blind movements not only fail to achieve the goal of exercise and fitness, but also leave hidden dangers.

  First, choose the appropriate exercise method.

In the cold winter season, high-intensity exercise that avoids sweating should be avoided. Otherwise, the skin sputum will be vented, resulting in the loss of yin and yang, which is not conducive to closure and easy to feel wind evil.

Especially women, as well as yang deficiency, bloody physique should be especially careful.

Exercisers should focus on moderate exercise, so that the body can get hot or sweat slightly.

  In fact, a good form of exercise should be moderate, easy and ready to carry out, some kind of laziness after sedentary, walking back and forth in the office, massage the body at intervals, etc., instead of having to find a specific time to doA specific action is considered exercise.

  First, choose the right exercise time.

Now people have a lot of exercise time, some days do not light up morning exercises, but also very late are still running.

If you choose a way that is not suitable for you to exercise at an unsuitable time, instead of consuming the energy stored in the human body and disturbing the normal physiological cycle, you will not be truly healthy.

  ”The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” mentioned: “Get up early and get up late, you must stay in the sun.

“It means going to bed at 9 o’clock in the evening, and the morning sun comes out and gets up again.”

It is the so-called sleep in the sky, I wake up and wake up.

Of course, modern people do not have to be particular about this, but after the winter solstice, proper early morning sleep, late night, no day and night, it is necessary to comply with the rhythm of life.

There are changes in the physiological state in the human body for 24 hours, and each period has special physiological phenomena.

Therefore, when we arrange our own day’s activities, it is best to cooperate with the rhythm of the body, instead of casually choosing a time that we think is suitable for exercise.

If your behavior is contrary to the rhythm of the body, it may not achieve good health effects for the body, but it will cause harm because of this disharmony.