High-temperature yoga accelerates fat burning

High-temperature yoga accelerates fat burning

Practicing yoga at a temperature of 42 ° C is a big challenge to the human body, but when your sweat is soaked through your clothes, it will make your body show the most beautiful curve. So you dare to accept this challenge?

Look at the secrets of hot yoga to slim you down.

  When the whole body accelerates metabolism through sweat from inside to outside, and then cleans the body by replenishing moisture, you will find that slowly, the sweat starts to taste.

And under high temperature environment, the skin of the whole body gets firm.

Too many people think that a lot of sweating can help lose weight. In fact, high temperature accelerates metabolism; but the most important thing is that some toxins can be discharged through sweating.

  In addition to the role of weight loss, practicing high-temperature yoga can also be used for facial beauty, mental, emotional, and health.

  The high-temperature yoga moves extend the head to the knees, with the legs close together, holding the right foot, the fingers crossed, and the thumb inserted into the big toe.

Straighten your left knee, make your right leg parallel to the ground, straighten your arms and upper body for 20 seconds, then bend your elbows, bend your body forward and move closer to your legs, hold for 10 seconds, and change the direction to do the same.

This action also requires a high balance ability. Training people’s attention is very helpful for tightening the muscles of the abdomen and thighs.

  The front end of the bow is stretched straight forward. Use your left hand to grasp the tip of your toes. The right arm is tilted forward. The height of your fingertips is at the center of your eyebrows.The back of the leg is fully stretched, and finally the legs become “one” perpendicular to the ground for 10 seconds.

Then change direction and do it again.

Beginners don’t need to require a range of motion, but they must ensure that their legs are straightened beforehand.

This action allows blood to flow to the internal organs and glands, tightening the muscles of the arms and hips, making the ligaments more flexible.

  Half-moon body is still upright, fingers cross and hold tightly, index fingers straight and merged, arms close to the sides of the ears, keep the body on the same side, bend vertically, keep 10?
For 20 seconds, then the upper body is bent to the right and bent backwards for the same time.

  Awkward arms lean forward, shoulder width, palms down, twisted and bent, until thighs are parallel to the ground, upper body straight, keep 10?
For 20 seconds, the body slowly returns to its original position.

Then do a heel and follow the lift exercise, the same movements as above, but when squatting, let the alignment and throw, keep 10?
20 seconds.

This exercise is very helpful for the blood circulation of the big and small legs, hip muscles, and knee joints.

  The soldiers stretched out in third form, fingers crossed and held together, forefingers stretched straight together and their arms squeezed up against their ears.

Lift your legs backwards, and lean your body forward, so that your left leg, body, and arms are on the same straight line, hold for 10 seconds, then change direction and do it again.

  This exercise can balance the hips, thighs, and buttocks while reducing fat, and it is also good for the exercise of the heart muscle and lungs.