Crataegus Rosaceae.

Variety diversity, such as Tang ball, Shanlihong, Nanshanzhi, Beishanzhi, etc.

Yeshan plant is better for medicinal purposes.

  Sour taste, sweet, lukewarm, non-toxic.

  Wild Hawthorn Fruit: Contains maslinic acid, kneading substance, saponin, fructose, vitamin C, protein, oil, and flavonoids.

  Mountain Red Fruit: Contains tartaric acid, citric acid, maslinic acid, flavonoids, lactones, sugars, and other substances.

  Pharmacology after entering the stomach can enhance the role of enzymes, promote meat digestion, and have astringent effects, and have an inhibitory effect on tuberculosis.

It also has the functions of lowering blood pressure, strengthening heart, expanding blood stupidity and reducing hypertension, and is suitable for arteriosclerotic hypertension, and also has contraction of the uterus, and cures postpartum abdominal pain.

Recently, it has been used in patients with hepatosplenomegaly, which is believed to have the effect of reducing liver and spleen.

  The function is to dissolve food, relieve vomiting, relieve pain, treat kidney qi, relieve low back pain, and have the functions of astringent and antidiarrheal.

  [肉类食积不化,上腹疼痛]  野山楂12-18克,莱菔子、帜实各9克,水煎服。  [小肠疝气,肠炎下痢,肠疝痛等]  野山楂15-30克,水煎后加赤砂糖适量,一日2-3次分服。  [荨麻疹(风疹块)]  山楂30克,麦芽15克,鲜竹叶15克,甘草3克,水煎去渣,一日分2次服。  [高血压,冠心病,心绞病,阵发性心动过速等]  野山楂3-12克,或山楂花3-9克,水煎服。  [脱力疲劳]  山楂酒(制法:取鲜山楂果,洗净破碎,放入大口瓶内,加入白糖适量,加盖。From time to time, stir frequently to make it uniform. After 1 to 2 months, it is fermented to produce hawthorn wine. It is squeezed with gauze and filtered to remove residue.

) One small cup per serving.

This wine has significant effects on restoring human fatigue and increasing energy.

  [妇女月经过期不来]  生楂植肉30克,水煎去渣,冲红糖21-24克,热服效屡。After stopping for 1-2 months instead of the former, take more at least from the bottom.

  [坏血病]  山楂、黑豆、白糖各90克,水三碗,煎浓后加黄酒90克,2次分服。  [产后淤血腹痛]  山楂30克,水煎浓汁,去渣加红糖,1日分2次服。