The happiness of others, their own happiness


The happiness of others, their own happiness

Su and I are in the same class. From junior high school to high school, although they have been noisy, they have always been the most trusted friends of each other.

I lost her exam and asked her to cry. She secretly sneaked me into the diary of the secret boy. The two men sneaked into a bed and rushed to eat a small bag of melon seeds.

I used to think that this friendship will warm my life.

I can go to college, graduate, find a job, marry, and each is busy on their own life track. We don’t know when we will lose the other party.

銆€銆€See you again, on the Internet, after losing each other for ten years.

A thousand miles away, I did not know where she found my phone, plus each other’s QQ.

Still very happy to talk, from the past, to the present, from work to family, bit by bit, nothing.

She is still so embarrassed, she still speaks as she wants.

There are flights, I think, finding her is a gift from God.

But later, I don’t know which day, the feeling is gone, I started to hide from her intentionally or unintentionally, afraid to chat with her.

銆€銆€Because of a painful discovery by people.

I suddenly found out that she was not the one she had been a decade ago.

She became a bit vulgar.

Every day I can’t talk to me, it is her superior life, the house is getting bigger, the car is getting better, the son is in the best school, and her exam for promotion of senior title passed smoothly. In short, sheI have a happy day to show off to me.

銆€銆€I admit that I also envy her life, because I still live in a small house, and I have to ride a pedal-old motorcycle when I go to work.

But I can’t stand her kind tone, feeling that what she is pursuing is different from what I am pursuing.

銆€銆€On a certain day, I met a teacher in middle school.

Inadvertently talk about the beginnings and talk about some of my views on vegetarianism.

In a word, the teacher did not return to me for a long time: “Do you think that the more she lived, the more vulgar?

So what about yourself?

You care about what she said, and you also care.

“I tried very hard to confess to the teacher. I didn’t have a prejudice against her because of jealousy, but I found that my argument was so pale and powerless.”

Perhaps, the dark things are hidden in a place that I don’t even know.

It was finally irritated by her happiness and happiness.

銆€銆€Yes, if I don’t mind, if I am as extraordinary as I think, how can I tell her about her happy story?

How much she lost, she did not take a trace of it from my bowl, and it was not related to my life.

Think about it carefully, what makes me so is only the kind of common jealousy and comparison psychology, which is the kind of vulgar that I hate the most.

It is them that make me less able to share the happiness of others.

People say that the gentleman’s friendship is as light as water, and that you can see the true feelings in your troubles. In the plain days, when there are not so many difficulties and hardships, you can truly share the happiness of each other and be true friends.

In the face of the suffering of others, it is easy to drop a few drops of sympathy. In the face of the happiness of others, it is a little difficult to hold up the laughter from the heart.

銆€銆€Can’t help but thank the teacher who taught me for six years. After I was an adult, he gently opened the cloud of my heart and let the sun shine gently.

銆€銆€If you also have the ability to share the happiness of others, then from now on, please train yourself carefully.

Because, it brings a happy double friend, and own.