Chinese medicine: girls cold hands and feet do not eat diet pills


Chinese medicine: girls cold hands and feet do not eat diet pills

Women with cold hands and feet should not take diet pills, especially Western medicine.

If you take diet pills for many years, you will lose all the oil, and you will be completely dry.

It is best for girls to lose weight by exercising, such as exercise, or by choosing the right lifestyle.

Otherwise, I am afraid that it will be badly hurt.

Why can’t I take diet pills?

銆€銆€Women with cold hands and feet should not take diet pills, especially Western medicine.
Because the diet pills all rely on the body’s oil to reduce the weight, and the oil is hidden in the oil.

People are old, because the lack of vitality, oil is not enough, so only the skinny bones; people are going to die, sometimes when people die, it is meat loss, that is, the oil is gone, all dry, the vitality is gone.

These girls, if they are taking diet pills for many years, are tempered.

銆€銆€People who really study medicine have a rule and choose people to cure diseases.

You can’t pick up any patients in order to make money.

For example, people in the entertainment industry are not good, why?

First, their lifestyle has problems, sleeping during the day, not sleeping at night, and life is very irregular.

At the same time there is one of the biggest problems, they are old to lose weight, old weight loss will eventually get a disease – anorexia.

銆€銆€What is the so-called anorexia?

For example, the British Princess Diana and Charles.

Everyone thinks that Diana is such a beautiful woman with such a taste. Why doesn’t Charles like her not loving her, and she loves Camilla who can’t compare with Diana?

Because Camilla is a very funny person, her life habits are completely different from those of Diana. She is very noble.

And Diana thinks that losing weight may win her husband’s heart, so crazy to lose weight, the result is anorexia, that is, what to eat spit.


Because the old tune is good.

In the kidney, after eating the diet pills, this vitality is falsified, and only a little bit of energy is left.

When eating, the rice is in the stomach, think about it, do you want to digest food?


However, because eating diet pills left a little bit of energy, so a little energy is used to save lives, after eating a meal to digest food, life is gone.

People have a self-protection reaction. What should I do at this time?

It is necessary to spit out the meal in order to protect this life.

This is why eating diet pills can get anorexia.

銆€銆€Vomiting when a woman is pregnant is also due to lack of yang.

The child is also a big yang, the big yang will have to use the vitality. At this time, if the woman is weak, the vitality is not enough.

Therefore, a weak woman will vomit.

That strong, no matter how many of them do not spit, because the yang is very prosperous.

What to eat when you are pregnant is because your health is not good, but your child is fine. The child is hungry at all, why?

Because the child does not lack anything, he can plunder the energy that the mother originally reserved.

The child does not care, he wants to grow and develop.

銆€銆€Therefore, diet pills can not be digested, diet pills can kill the body.

The only way to lose weight is to lose weight by exercising, or to lose weight through lifestyle.

銆€銆€Women who are easy to blush are particularly prone to miscarriage. Many people say that scale, for example, there are many girls with cold hands and feet in their lives, especially in the winter, the general diagnosis is caused by anemia.In fact, this kind of person is not necessarily the scale, not the blood’s kinetic energy is not strong, that is, the blood’s activity is not enough, it can not be transported to the tip of the fingertips.

Therefore, like these girls with cold hands and feet, I personally think that she will have many problems, such as pregnancy, which will cause trouble, and it is easier to abort.

Like this kind of girl, generally, once pregnant, do not do a miscarriage, be sure to keep the child, otherwise it will form a habitual abortion, because the blood is bloody.

The second point, we must take care of the fetus, because the yang is weak, and the lack of blood power can easily cause the abortion.

銆€銆€There is also a girl who is not only cold and cold, but also very shy. When I say it, my face is red.

This kind of person, in fact, is lack of kidney essence, can not hold this virtual fire.

In ancient China, there was a standard for officials to ask for “the mood is not indifferent to color,” that is, something that happens to be happy and angry, and he does not want to behave.

In fact, what is the meaning of this sentence?

Anyone who can do the anger and not be indifferent to color, kidney essence is particularly good, can be accommodated.

Everyone reported the news, and he just accepted it. “Oh, well, I know,” that’s it.

Anyone who can’t get a receipt, or someone who is red on the face, this means that the kidney essence has gone wrong, so it is easy for a girl like this to abort.

So how do you create cold hands and feet?

Eat well, because now many girls have a very keen thing – lose weight, this is especially bad for the body, do not use diet to lose weight.