Can you raise your stomach with porridge every day?


Dietitian: There are 3 health misunderstandings, the more you keep your health, the worse

Can you raise your stomach with porridge every day?
Dietitian: There are 3 health misunderstandings, the more you keep your health, the worse

Health has become the vane of this era, and the elderly are very obsessed with health programs and health products.

The middle-aged people are all holding a cup of heat-insulated cups, and even young people have a similar trend of “Buddha Health”.

However, in the overwhelming articles on the Internet, there are too many unreasonable misunderstandings. If we don’t pay attention to it, we will surround them and let us turn our minds away from the general direction of health and wellness.

Below, the nutritionist in the Explosive Nutrition Class will come up with three articles to give everyone a good talk.

Myth 1: The few years of eating make people healthy and longevity. In the past few years, 鈥渓ess eating鈥?has become the most common way of keeping health.

And online suggestion that there is data support, said the study found that eating 25% less food can delay aging, health and longevity.

So someone will choose to eat less every meal, and some people simply don’t eat dinner.

Is this right wrong?

In fact, it depends on what you eat on the basis of.

If you have eaten too much before, and exceed the nutrients and energy your body needs, then eating less is indeed beneficial to your health.

The problem is that most people don’t consider whether they eat too much.

If you don’t eat much, and then deliberately reduce the amount of food injected, it is very unhealthy.

Especially for people who are over 50 years old each year, the ability of protein synthesis is declining, catabolism accounts for conversion, and there are not many muscles. If you reduce your food intake, you may cause malnutrition and various diseases.

Myth 2: Eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less meat can solve constipation. Everyone knows vegetables. Fruits are often rich in supplemental fiber, and water accumulation can effectively relieve constipation.

However, too many people eat too much, often causing symptoms such as inflation and abdominal pain, and for people with poor function, eating too much fruit is not conducive to bowel movements, but causes gastrointestinal irritation.

In addition, bananas are often used as a kind of fruit to improve constipation, but only ripe bananas have a laxative effect.

Once you eat a banana that is not ripe, it will not help to improve constipation, and it will even increase constipation.

Not eating meat is also considered to be able to alleviate constipation, but in fact it has become aggravated by constipation.

After all, the movement of nitric acid also requires motivation. Constipation people need to eat some oil because the oil has a lubricating effect, otherwise the waste in the body is difficult to be replaced.

Misunderstanding 3: To raise the stomach, it is necessary to drink more porridge. Many people’s stomachs are “eaten bad”, so it is urgent to raise the stomach.

One of the most commonly used ones is to drink porridge, but unfortunately, the cause is probably wrong.

People with bad stomachs are likely to suffer from simple gastric ulcers. If you drink porridge, you can not achieve the purpose of nourishing the stomach. Instead, it will promote your stomach acid secretion and cause severe stomach pain.

Dear friends, do you still know what is wrong with your health?

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