7 steps to build huge muscle mass

7 steps to build huge muscle mass

From Stallone, Schwarzenegger to today’s Van Diesel, Rock, they all chose to use muscle to push the door of Hollywood to quickly become popular.

This really makes those dragon stars who are mixed in the entertainment circle jealous. Even the street men who can’t hit the eight poles in Hollywood have begun to move!

Shouting: “If you have muscles, you have the charm of a man, and if you have charm, you can attract a beautiful woman .” So how do you make yourself a “muscular man”?

  Self-assess your muscle mass. As an adult man, if muscle mass decreases, muscle strength will decrease, especially muscle endurance will decline.

But how much does your muscle strength decrease and how much does your endurance decay?

You may wish to test it yourself. The Cavaliers have a few thoughts: Test-1: The staircase endurance test uses a step of about 20 cm in height and 40 consecutive steps to test.

Its speed is faster than usual walking, and the time taken is generally 40 to 50 seconds.

Then judge based on your feelings, whether it is “easy” or “difficult.”

If you feel “relaxed” it means good muscle endurance, if you “struggle” it means poor.

  Test 2: The abdominal muscle endurance test method lies on the back, ask others to hold their feet, and then bend the bend to 90 degrees.

Put your hands behind your head, lean your elbows to the penetration, and sit up with your upper body.

Count yourself and do it twice in 30 seconds.

The higher the number, the stronger your muscle endurance, and vice versa.

  Test 3: Body muscle endurance test method: With both feet straight forward, sit down, and keep the body leaning forward, requiring the toes to form a right angle with the bed.

Test how far your fingertips can extend forward than your toes. The more you extend, the stronger your muscle endurance.

  Test-4: The sit-up strength test puts excess stuff on your chest, stands up while keeping your hip muscles straight, and then sits down.

The test can be repeated several times in 30 seconds.

The fewer times, the worse your muscle strength.

  In order to grasp the lack of muscle mass and the extent of the decline in time, such tests can be done every 3 months or half a year, and the brakes can be adjusted to exercise methods and lifestyle in a timely manner.

  7 steps to build a huge muscle mass. The seven-time “Mr. Olympia” winner, the famous movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger, is an idol worshipped by the majority of bodybuilding lovers.

Even today, his incomparable biceps and pectoral muscles are still talked about.

The following is his personal experience and found out the principle of how to build huge muscle mass (especially suitable for beginners), which is worthy of careful consideration and alignment.

  Principle 1: Practice only twice a week (for a large amount of exercise). I think it is especially suitable for students with less time, white-collar workers, etc.

  Principle 2: Emphasize the use of so-called large training movements that can stimulate multiple muscle groups at the same time, such as bench presses, squats, etc.

  Principle 3: Keep the training plan simple and easy to implement.

  Principle 4: The goal is to increase strength. This is the easiest to achieve but difficult. It is easy to say that everyone is easy to think about this. The difficulty is that the growth of strength comes at the cost of hard training.

  Principle-5: In the training example, the first is the thigh muscle barbell squat 3 groups of 100% 10 in each group.

  Principle six: 3 sets of skull bench presses are 100% of 6 in each group.

  Principle 7: Drag the back end of the hammer with 3 groups of 100% and 6 in each group.

  Schwarzenegger suggests: Squats are used by many muscles throughout the body.

The preparation activities of all parts should be done well. My general practice is to squat down a little, about 8 of each 50%, a group of 80% 8 and then 100%.

  Men ‘s Bodybuilding Nutrition Principles Recently, the Nationally-ly Built United Meeting (NSBUM) nutrition expert Chris Aiket introduced their latest research results at the American University Games: “Men ‘s Nutritionlaw”.

This is currently the most effective nutritional method for reducing fat without losing muscle. It allows you to effectively grow muscle without losing body fat.

  Rule-1: Protein powder.

Adding muscle requires a positive nitrogen balance.

In order to achieve positive nitrogen balance, the body must have sufficient protein supplements to allow muscle growth.

The more muscle you have, the more protein you need.

Take 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight as the best supplement.Eat six times a day, three times with protein.

And protein powder is more easily absorbed by the body than chicken, beef, etc.

It is best to use a protein powder containing ion exchange whey and recombinant whey protein.

The former is easily absorbed and has a low lactose content to prevent flatulence.

It is a necessity after training because it can enter the blood quickly in the form of amino acids.

The faster the protein enters the blood after training, the faster the catabolism effect caused by weight-bearing training disappears.

  Rule 2: Creatine.

Creatine is an energy source for explosive hard movements.

It can increase strength, rebuild ATP (adenosine triphosphate), replace 11-B muscle fibers to maintain water, and achieve muscle growth.

For best results, men add 7-10 grams after exercise.

  Rule 3: Glutamine.

This “conditionally needed” amino acid is needed only when the body is under great stress.

Glutamine provides energy for the immune system.

Intensive training reduces glutamine in the muscles.

In order to balance the role of catabolism, 7-15 grams should be added after training.

  Rule 4: Branched chain amino acids (BCAA).

These amino acids stimulate anabolic growth (muscle growth, insulin release) in two special ways to stimulate the release of growth hormone.

The most important of branched chain amino acids is leucine, the precursor of ketoisocaproic acid (KLC) and HMB.

KLC and HMB increase muscle mass, reduce adults, and provide nutrition to the body.

Whey protein has a higher BCAA content.

4-6g should be added after training.

  Rule 5: Fish oil.

Special nutrients to prevent muscle loss.

The stress of intensity training, the consumption of saturated traces and monosaccharides produce E2 (a catabolic hormone that rapidly breaks down protein).

E1 produced by fish oil can inhibit E2 and stimulate the production of growth hormone, enabling the body to process insulin more effectively.

The recommended dosage is 4-6 capsules per day (1 g each).

  Rule 6: Arginine.

Like glutamine, it is only needed when the body is under great stress.

Bodybuilders are often in this state and need to be supplemented with arginine.

Supplementing 10-20 grams before going to bed can increase the growth hormone levels in the body.

  Rule 7: Vitamin C.

It is an acidic antioxidant.

Can absorb free radicals in the blood like a sponge.

Recommended dosage: 2000 mg daily.

Take 1000 mg immediately after training to suppress catabolic hormone levels.

  Rule 8: Vitamin E.

Another toxic antioxidant.

While protecting oxidative damage on cell membranes, it can enhance muscles’ ability to use insulin, because the receptor for insulin is on the cell membrane.

Recommended dosage: 200-400 international units per day.

  Rule 9: Zinc.Most athletes lack zinc, which prevents protein synthesis.

Sufficient zinc is required for both thyroid ketone and growth hormone production.

Recommended dosage: 20 mg daily for men.

  Rule 10: Magnesium.

The synthesis of ATP is inseparable from magnesium.

Magnesium is involved in muscle contraction, improves glucose tolerance, and increases strength.

Recommended dosage: 400-600 mg daily.

  Do the above, one day, you will become a handsome man with a muscle family!