Experts explain why people have yellow eyes

Experts explain why people have yellow eyes

We must all have heard of a noun-Ren Lao Zhu Huang. What does this idiom mean?

How does Chinese medicine view this phenomenon?

Today I will study with you.

  Modern Chinese dictionary: One old pearl yellow (onegettingoldasthepearl becomes yellow) means that people are aging without being valued, just like beads that have turned yellow for a long time.

Especially metaphorical women.

It also refers to people who are old and not useful.

  Source: Ming Lanling Xiaoxiaosheng’s “Jin Ping Mei Ci Hua” second round: “The lady is young, and there are many days to turn around. It’s not like the old man is worthless.

  Why the eyes are the windows of the soul? The modern Chinese dictionary is “People Laozhuhuang”, which is its original meaning.

In fact, from the perspective of health care, when people are old, they must be pearl yellow.

The “bead” here does not mean the pearl in the original meaning, or the eyeball.

  Why do people’s eyes turn yellow when they get old?

We all know that the eyes are the windows of the soul.

From a person’s eyes, the overall condition of the person’s internal organs can be polished.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, a person’s pupil represents the kidney; a circle of black eyeballs on the outside represents the liver; white eyeballs on behalf of the lung; inner and outer eye sockets represent the heart; eyelids represent the spleen.

OK, with one eye, you can see all the internal organs of the human body. Are you saying that the eyes are the windows of the soul?

  Modern medicine holds that there is a thin layer of transparent film on the surface of the human eyeball, called the conjunctiva.

After long-term pollution by ultraviolet rays, dust, etc., the adverse reactions of pigmentation will occur.

Pigments accumulate in the conjunctival layer into massive yellow spots. From the surface, white eyeballs appear slightly aligned with dark yellow substances, and black eyeballs become more turbid.

Human beings are exposed to external environmental stimuli over time, and the elderly are more likely to develop the phenomenon of conjunctival pigmentation. Therefore, there is also a “human old pearl yellow”.

  A human eyeball is like a camera.

The retina in the eyeball is like a negative film of a camera, and the cornea and lens of the eyeball have the same focusing function as the lens of the camera.

A normal crystalline lens is about a few centimeters in diameter, just a small peanut meter, but it is present and transparent.

Once the age increases, the water crystals decrease slightly, gradually become turbid, appear milky white, and more severely, due to the gradual increase of the middle nucleus of the water crystals, they become yellow, which is commonly known as “human old pearl yellow”.

  When it comes to eyes, let’s take a closer look at the people around you, first look at the children.

You will find that children’s eyes are mostly clear and transparent. Why?

Because most children have congenital kidney qi, and there is not so much garbage in their bodies, they will look so cute, so innocent, and even make you want to go up and kiss twice.

  Let’s take a look at the old people next to us. Why are you old?

In fact, when people are old, there will be more garbage in their bodies. Just like the old house we live in, there will be more garbage than in the new house.

Although these garbage are stored in the blood, in the end, without exception, they must be reflected on the eyes, because the eyes have the most capillaries and the skin around the eyes is the thinnest. Therefore, the garbage in the blood can also be transmitted through the eyes.It best represents the health change at the end of the body.

Therefore, when people are old, those pearly yellow things are garbage in the blood.

  Many women love makeup and do some cosmetic surgery, but that only improves the appearance of the skin or face. It cannot improve the eyes themselves, which is the eyeballs.

Therefore, no matter how you make up, I can see your energy from your eyes.

  Speaking of Jingqi, let me say a few more words here.

Everyone loves to say that this person is very spiritual.

How do you understand this?

Spirit must have been ground from his eyes.

If his eyes shine, then this person must be very spiritual.

  Many young people now use computers for a long time and do not sleep at night. If he talks to you, you will feel that his eyes are very blurred, that is, he is not god.Why is there no God?

  God is just something that we feel externally. The material basis of its existence is essence. This essence is derived from our innate kidney qi and acquired spleen and stomach qi.

Spiritual spirit, God can manifest itself only when he is good enough.

If this person has congenital kidney qi deficiency, and later has poor spleen and stomach function, and stays up late, you will see that his eyes must be eyeless but not godly.

And those qigong masters, those who exercise regularly, have good blood circulation, adequate nutrition, and adequate sleep, then their eyes must be godlike.

  From the picture above, we can also see that the eyes are mainly reflected on the black eyes.

If your liver and kidney function is good, the black eyes will be very dark; if you go to bed early and get up late, stay up late, exercise more, and eat more plant-based diets, your white eyeballs will be very clean, without so much bloodshot.

Black and white is clear, do you say your eyes can look at no god?

  Let’s talk about eyelids.

Many people who are a little older have bags under their eyes.

In fact, in traditional Chinese medicine, the upper and lower eyelids all represent the spleen, the main muscle of the spleen, the spleen is weak, and the movement is not good.

Of course, there are some people who have bags under the eyes, which is another matter.

  To sum up: Because human eyes represent the functioning of the human internal organs, as people grow older, the amount of garbage in the blood increases, and our ability to transport is degraded, and the garbage cannot be metabolized in time.It will turn yellow, and the yellow here is garbage in the blood.

When a person is old, it is difficult for a person to look energetic.

If we want people to grow old, we must start from a young age and learn how to keep in good health.